About Us

Fitbox is a health food vending machine business built on our passion for truly healthy foods. The typical vending machine is often loaded with items that are heavy on starch and sugar and light on protein. Fitbox food options have higher lean protein content and are simply better for you.

Fitbox matches its zeal for its users’ health with a desire to boost your profitability. When you buy or lease a Fitbox, you don’t just get a vending machine with a nice LED layout, bright clear lights, and a sleek modern design. Instead, you get a self-enclosed system that helps you generate a stream of passive income.

Thanks to the Fitbox’s cloud-based tracking and management system, you get real-time reports of which products are running low and when certain products are selling. This information enables you to stock only the fastest moving, higher margin products at the right time to maximize your profitability. This means you can earn more money with each restocking trip to your Fitbox unit.

We’ve also re-engineered how vending machines sell. Typical vending machines passively display their inventory. The customers see something they like, make their selection, and pay. We want you to earn more profits with your Fitbox so we programmed each machine to actively sell its product offerings. How? When the customer presses a product selection on the order console, the machine displays nutritional and ingredients information so customers are better informed. This builds customer trust and can lead to more sales.

The bottom line? Fitbox is committed to helping entrepreneurs such as yourself maximize your passive profit potential from health club vending machine kiosks. We’ve engineered this commitment into each and every Fitbox.

Our Mission Statement

At FitBox USA, our mission is to bring nutritionally valuable snacks and drinks to our community. By filling the void for healthier, nutritious food and drink options left by traditional vending machine companies, we aim to bring our customers vending options that meet their nutrition preferences and goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Here at FitBox USA, we believe individuals deserve to have healthier selections available to them without the need to go to a specialty store. Our goal is to help spread health and wellness in our communities and across the country.