Vending Machines Open the Door To Truly Passive Food Services Income

Many entrepreneurs enter the business world by venturing into the food and beverage (“F&B”) industry. Talk about a rough start! With a failure rate of 50% within five years, an F&B business is definitely no picnic.  There are three key reasons why most food ventures fail.  Fail to manage any of these three and your F&B business might suffer an early death.

Let’s face it, the typical walk-up restaurant needs at least 3 people: a cashier a waitperson, and a cook. Given additional costs like insurance, workers’ compensation, and other mandatory costs required by local, state, and federal governments, manpower costs spike up quickly. No wonder most restaurants can only pay something barely north of minimum wage to their staff.

You also have to step up and manage your employees directly or hire someone to do so. Managers are in charge of the following: making sure your place opens and closes on time, managing inventory, and monitoring site operations. You or your manager have to be at the restaurant to do manage. Not surprisingly, too many small restaurant owners put in long hours.

Finally, the typical F&B business takes at least six figures to put up. Lease costs, site upgrade/remodeling and equipment costs add up! Most restaurateurs take out out a bank loan to finance their dream business. Despite all these costs, they don’t guard against failure.

Depressed yet? Don’t be. There’s good news. Vending machines solve all the F&B business problems above. Modern food vending machines are cutting edge technological marvels that eliminate most of your labor costs, ensures smooth remote management, and are cheap enough to scale up quickly.

Vending machines like the Fitbox don’t need humans to sell food. They are purely self-service machines that dispense food items after buyers put in their money. No cashiers, waiters, greeters, busboys, or managers involved. Instead, the only labor they require is when you or your employee opens their product delivery door for restocking.

Second, the Fitbox can be managed remotely through a secure mobile phone app. This means one manager (maybe even you, the owner) can manage many Fitbox vending machines from one location. This reduces management costs tremendously. The Fitbox app helps you monitor how much inventory each vending unit has and each unit’s temperature. Should a box’s stocks run low, the Fitbox app displays a low inventory alert.

Finally, each vending machine unit costs only a fraction of a typical regular restaurant. When it comes to costs, permits, fees, and space requirements, there’s simply no comparison. Vending machines win hands down. They take up less space and each unit costs only a fraction of the typical restaurant’s setup costs.

If you’re looking for virtually passive F&B business income, vending machines like the Fitbox are definitely up your alley. Their easy set up and remote, nearly automated, operations mean less work and increased chances of profitability for you.

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